How to increase WordPress increase Upload size instantly in One Min – 2023

increase WordPress Upload size instantly, lets you upload large media files directly to the media library with the WordPress media uploader. Increase your maximum upload size to any value – as large as your available disk space allows – and add file chunking to avoid server timeout errors.

Bypass the upload limits on your server, set by your hosting provider, that prevent you from uploading large files to your media library.

Big File Uploads automatically detect upload limits set by your server or hosting provider, allows you to increase the maximum upload size, and prevent timeout errors by uploading files in chunks.

No messing with Apache/PHP initialization files or settings. Just activate the plugin, set the upload size as large as you like, and use the media uploader as you normally would.


  • Set maximum file upload file size as large as your host’s available storage
  • Upload large files to your media without FTP or SFTP
  • Built-in file chunking (upload large files in small pieces preventing timeout errors)
  • Control maximum upload size limit
  • Get smart recommendations based on available space in your temporary uploads directory
  • Set maximum file size for each user role with upload capabilities (Administrator, Editor, Author)
  • Set the max file size in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB)
  • Works with any server or hosting provider
  • Upload any size file directly to a connected Infinite Uploads cloud account
  • Super simple configuration and small plugin footprint that doesn’t bog down WordPress
  • Uploads directory disk utility for quickly analyzing storage usage in your media library.

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