Jailbreak IOS 13.1.1 / 13.1.2 / 13.1.3

How to install Tweak Without Cydia / jailbreak

Get Tweaks without Cydia | what is up to everybody this is after Nature with a brand new. when you talk about city impactor. what for first Tell you what city impactor  & How you can use it. Basically how to install it without any errors coming in the way sodium factor. if you know a city is a city a type tool where you can install iOS apps IPAs directly from your computer.


Jailbreak is Outsource Software for iPhone. Jailbreak May Slow you iPhone. In This way, You Need a Without Jailbreak Free Access Tweaks from this Way i Provided in this Post.
Any of iPhone User Wants Jailbreak, But if You Hand Set is Not Supported Jailbreak it Means You are not Enough Fun from your iPhone. Second means, without jailbreak you iPhone may be a Naked Device. But in this, We  Provide the Tips you Can Access Jailbreak Apps Without Jailbreak. I know the One Question Bring in Your Mind. How ?
in Bellow Mention is Find you that “How to Access Cydia Tweak Without Jailbreak Tool? ‘Today, We Show that, How To Access Free Jailbreak App in Any iPhone “Whose is Supported”

Cydia impactor installing

 Your iOS device can be apps that are tweaked apps such as YouTube plus, Pokemon gold plus, etc. You download it and install it and or what to do. so whatever device you have whatever whether it’s Mac or Windows. I have Windows so you download it extract it in to win. if you happy and that’s it you don’t even have to like install it. you just Run the ” exe ” file. once that’s done. Go to iOS Ninja’s at i/o or wherever you want to get your IPA  file from and do download. IPA I have it downloaded so I’m not read download it. that’s about it we’re gonna do Pokemon gold and we’re gonna have that downloaded. “Once you have downloaded open your folder that should extract it and in here it’ll say impacted exe just run it. “Normally, you don’t have to run into an administrator or whatnot and this is what you should see you should see saying iPhone and then you should see it’s saying, it’s all static standard. you don’t need to install that that’s complete something completely different you can ignore it now a few steps that I do want to bless. You know is make sure you are logged into iTunes and signed in with your Apple ID. Yeah, I believe your actual Apple ID and once you’re in Cydia impactor.

How to install Tweak Without Cydia / jailbreak

Log in Apple Account

 it’s gonna tell you like you just have to drag and drop the IP a file in it. it’s literally gonna tell you to use your login with your Apple ID now. “I am actually logging in with the difference I politely not my actual Apple ID the reason for that is because my actual Apple ID has an underscore in him. For some odd reason, this app does not let you download not the Pokemon go happen Cydia impactor if you have for some odd reason an underscore let’s not err on trees. if you have an underscore an exclamation mark a dot in your email it will not work it will fail. You need to literally create a brand new Apple ID and use that login with that over here and then it will work. ” So it doesn’t really matter you can never use that Apple ID in your life. You just need to use it login and that’s it, I made one brand new from scratch for that purpose and you as you can see I literally use that that it’s not my Apple ID and after that, once that’s done it. literally loves it. Starts downloading, it’ll take some time two to five minutes. Sometimes it can take longer and once you have it downloaded. it’ll work perfectly fine it’ll say it was basically by that email that you put in. it’ll Say this person has it it’s authorized and it’ll work there won’t be any revokes happening. you don’t need a jailbroken iPhone you don’t need anything. it’s literally just a simple app that you download to your computer you drag and drop an IP file.it works and downloads to your iOS device. so it’s actually pretty easy straightforward pretty simple two instructions to follow and what not and they works pretty. “well, I would highly recommend if you want to do this and you don’t want to run into any issues about like having revoked access and what not the app works perfectly fine. I don’t know how you’ll have to update it you may have to do it. through this process again like redownload read transfer or again. if you prefer doing it from the Iowa Senate website itself you can just “tap to install” this is more for if there is no time to install function and you want to drag and drop it in there. This is obviously for that as well so definitely give that a shot but yeah that’s about it last portion is usually like it installs it verifies it. which is this portion and once that’s done the app is there and it is installed and so “actually I would highly recommend giving this a shot. if you definitely want to try it downloading other types of apps that are not over there maybe into two but you don’t want to get those ads because this supposedly gets rid of ads as well supposedly but I’ve still seen them but I’ve heard it supposedly does I don’t know why they said that but yeah I would highly recommend going down this right if you’d like.

Note: This is only educational Purpose. Tech Ayaz only share information Platform. Apple is not allow cydia impacter. you do this all steps on your own risk.

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