How to Promote Video On Youtube Advertising Gain Youtube Subscribers [2023]

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Promote YouTube Video on Google Ads Adwords  & Gain Lots Of subscribers and watch time complete YouTube monetization Eligible Criteria Easily ” Create a Youtube Advertising Professional Campaign” But i Know you have a question in you mind ” how ??

High Quantity of Searches on google Search Engine ” how to Complete 4000 hours Watch time YouTube? or how to complete a 1000 active subscribers in 10 days?
No One Know how to gain fast 1000 YouTube Subscribers? & how to complete fast YouTube 240,000 mint watch time on YouTube?
Now, Turn on the right Point. Today, in the post showing to you how to make a professional YouTube google AdWords campaign and Run a successful career on YouTube. before Starting a AdWords YouTube campaign you need a Low Budgets on AdWords Like 1000, 2000, Or 5000 RS in your pocket if want to gain your channel fast.


if you Agree with Me. So, Let’s Start My Work.

First Create a AD WORD Account & credits your adword Wallet with using of Master Card Or Visa Depend on Your Country.

After a Few Steps, You Need to Make a ” Create a Campaign “

Professional Campaign

Next Step, Click on New campaign Create After click you see Lots of Option in front of you. But you Only Choose ” Create a Campaign with Goal guideline ” it’s a new way to make you campaign on your own way. Do not Depend Your Self on Google. this is make your work easy and all work is your hand without any issue/Problem. After Selection of this Option. We Jump into Next option.

Now, Bellow Option you can See “Video” it’s mean we Run Our Video Ads on YouTube Video. After selection of Video then, Next Option is Select “influence consideration ” & Click Submit. Do Not Enter your YouTube video link in bellow section


After Submit Your Campaign  your Self jump on Next Main Menu on Auto mode.

Budget & Ad Running date & Time

When Main Menu Opened, You need you Select your Campaign name of like “youyoutubechannelname” as your mode. Next option Bid Type Select “CPV” Stand for Cost Per Views is Good Selection for Gain Real Subscriber & watch time for your you tube channel. Now, you have option to select total campaign Budget Or Per Day Budget Depend on you. My Recommendation Select Per Day Budget Like 40 Rupees Or 40 Dollar You Spend Per Day on AdWords you tube campaign. Now, Select a date when your gone live & when its will End depend on your mode.

Location, Network & Language

Next Option We Entered into Select Network, Language, Country. So, Network You Select Choose Depend on your Mode. But We Describe Both which more Useful Effected. Check Bellow Example. And Under stand What is you tube search Results Ads? What is you tube Video Ads? And What is you tube Partner Ads?

Example: this YouTube search ads.

i Hope You are well understood the difference between display ads, video Ads and Search Ads. you can select on your mode. but my recommendation you select only Video Ads. it’s best option for you if you gain subscriber and watch time. but you should be make Professional Engagement Content then you got the Success in these Ads. After Ads Selection, You select location “in which Country you want to live your video Ads ” Example: if your content is “ Hindi ” then select Hindi/Urdu Country Like India/Pakistan & UAE Arad Emirates. Now, Select “ Language” which language People Watch you Ads.



Now, Select Main Categories according to your content if you select “Standard inventory” then, you video got maximum Views in Any of Categories Video Like Using Valuger Language content, Entertainment, Drama, Brands and more. But you Select “Expanded Categories” then, your ads gone limited.


Now, Select Audience According to your Video. i Know your mind is trouble at this stage. for a Example: if your content is on Cartoon, then you age selection is 18-24. if you content is type movie Or song then your selection is 18 to 45. because majority is listen Music / Songs and watch Movies. you can also Select your Content is For male or Female Or For Both? Depend on your Content.


Skip Audience Segment, Now, You have a Option to Select Keyword according to your Content. for a example my content is on “Online Earn Money” then, my keyword is ” How to Earn money online” Or ” How to Earn Money On internet online at Home


Select Topic According to you content if my Content is Songs then, My Categories is Entertainment. if My content is ” Science technology” then, My Categories is Technology is like.


After some major step, now turn is Placement. This is Main Option of your Video Content. if you Un-tick this option then your Ad run on Every video on you tube Categories you select Above. But you Can Choose a “you tube channel” option if you run on your selected channel where you want to Run Ads. if you Select a “YouTube Video” Option then, you select Some of video where ad word place your ads on your selected Video’s hope you are doing well.



Now, you select a Maximum Views Bid mean how much Rupees Or Dollar Give per Your Video Views. Hindi User Select 0.24 Paisa. English User Select 0.03 Or 0.04 Depend on Your Local Currency. 

Choose Ads

This is Last Option of End of your ad. Drop your YouTube video Link Not a Channel Link. After drop your video link. you video is Display on Right side of corner. then, you select Ad type if your video is long then one min then, select skip-able ads but if less the a 30 sec then, you have option you select NO-Skip able ads. After this enter same link bellow in two section where blue Pen is under line. then, Bellow Option Click-on-Action is Button is change name into ” SUBSCRIBE” and heading is Your channel Name.

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